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Dr de Letter was fantastic

Just wanted to tell you about my experience with Privatescan. Around 3 years ago I noticed something was wrong. I kept tripping over and then realised I wasnt tripping over anything, I was stumbling for no reason. I was unsteady on my feet and had no balance. Since then just about every other symptom has become evident. Pins and needles, cold hands and feet, bladder problems, slurring my words, fatigue etc.

Having been diagnosed with PPMS in March 2011 and told there was no medication and no cure I turned to the internet for infomation.I am a 49 year old UK based male.

Finding out about CCSVI, I thought I had nothing to lose. I checked out several companies and what drew me to Privatescan was not only the helpful and efficient way Jonathan Koole and Linda Meijer dealt with matters, but speaking to someone who had been there and experienced the procedure.

Dr de Letter
was fantastic. My left jugular was blocked.

I know its early days but almost immediately my left leg on which I had been limping for about a year felt easier. The fatigue is far less and my balance has improved, as has my bladder. In general overall I would say just about everything has improved. I still get numbness in my fingers and toes but not to the freezing extreme I used to and dont forget its still early days for me since the procedure.

I will keep adding to this as events unfold but I wanted to tell I am so glad I had this done.

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