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DIARY Liberation treatment Bruges

Before the “ Liberation Treatment “, I felt the following intermittent symptoms:

if I lowered my head, I felt a light electric shock ( Lehmitte Shock );

when I walked a long way, I felt a pain like a little pebble under the little toe of my left feet;

I felt a light tingling ( paresthesia ) in the ring and little finger of both my hands, every morning on awaking, for a few minutes;

I felt like a ring around my head, in the hot days or when I was concentrated for a long time.

Then on nov. 15, 2010 finally my treatment in AZ Sint Jan Hospital at Bruges performed by Dr. De Letter
About at 9 a.m., my treatment took place. When I awaked in the hotel, I felt the usual paresthesia in two fingers of every hand. The Italian neurologist had debited it with my wrong posture while I was sleeping! I went back to my room and I remained in bed, while I was cured by the wonderful doctors and nurses of the hospital and Privatescan. The Director explained to me that the irrefutable phlebographya had noticed a stenosis of 90/95% on the right and 20/25% on the left jugular vein, both resolved. ( Echo-Doppler of Dusseldorf didn’t see the bigger stenosis!). The Privatescan Director showed me the treatment film, during which two little balloons opened my jugulars veins…unbelievable! After two hours with intravenous injection, I realized that I no longer felt the tingling in my left hand: I was astonished! When I walked from the hospital to the taxi (about at 5,30 p.m.), I didn’t feel the little pebble in my left feet. My relatives told me that I had changed complexion colour. During the dinner, I felt a very light tingling in two fingers again.

nov. 16, 2010 :
I slept until 2 a.m. very well. Then I awaked with a little paresthesia in my left hand, but with a general sense of well-being. I fault asleep again. When I awaked in the morning, I didn’t feel the little pebble  under my feet, only a little tired, perhaps for the treatment and anaesthesia of the day before. When I lowered my neck, I never felt the “Lemhitte Shock”. During the whole trip to Bologna, I never stopped to speak, without feeling a ring around my head, as before.

nov. 17, 2010 :
I awaked at 4 a.m. and I was feeling as strong as a lion! It’s an underhand sickness! Before, my mind wanted something, but it was as though my body answered: “not”. That morning I had perfect hand fingers and the sensation to have a more solid neck. Toward evening, I felt a light sensation of heavy head, but less than before.

nov. 18, 2010 :

The evening before, I put the watch on my left wrist and in the morning I felt the old tingling in two fingers of my left hand, disappeared as soon as I undid the watch-strap.

nov. 19, 2010 :
Everything well enough: every now and then, in the morning, I felt giddy and a light tingling in two fingers.

nov. 20, 2010 :
Splendid health conditions, in the morning. About at h 11 a.m., with humid and cold weather, I went out and I felt a little giddy. Also in the afternoon.

nov. 21, 2010 :
In spite of the horrible weather, I felt well, except in the evening, when I came out of an hot place, in the cold and humid weather and I felt a light ring around my head. Every now and then, during the day, I noticed a light tingling in my usual fingers.

SECOND  WEEK (from nov. the 22 to nov. 28) :
Every day I noticed that my conditions (especially the ring around my head) were improving toward evening.

THIRD  WEEK (from nov. 29 to dec. 5) :
The first day I had headache, at least until h 4 p.m., but it could be a normal headache or a symptom of CCSVI, I don’t know. The day after I had only for some minutes the sensation of a ring around my head, in the morning, but in the afternoon I was very well.

In that week, I went back to gym palestra, after 6 months and a felt less tired than when I didn’t make me fit.

Fourth  week (from dec. 6 to dec. 12) :
The first day of that week with the last one were the best ones after the treatment. The fingers of my hand were, at last always, o.k.

Great thanks to Dr. De Letter from hospital in Bruges and the team from Privatescan.


Francesco B. ( Italy )

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